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"I'm about to teach about!" My response.

In August or September, I am going to lead our Sunday School class in a series of lessons on homosexuality. I’m starting to realize that the Wesleyan Quadrilateral that I fell in love with is not so lovable when you have to apply it to real issues. I’m having trouble drawing a box around this one and, of course, I’m starting to learn that God never stays in my boxes. So what do you think about homosexuality and how do you defend your position on that?
All humans are welcome into the family of Church X. This means that every person, no matter the person’s race, education, sexual orientation, or background is welcome to participate in the ministries of Church X. All are sinners in need of God’s grace and forgiveness. Yet, once one becomes a disciple of Jesus, that person reorients her/his entire lifestyle to the teachings of Jesus because He is Lord (= ”boss”). Therefore, we at Church X commit to doing our best to obey the teachings of Jesus (and the early Christians).
Jesus taught (as e…
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"If Daniel 7-12 isn't genuine prophecy, then why trust the Bible?" -- My response to a Friend

I have long thought that the greatest prayer written in the Bible was Daniel's prayer for his people. I have also held that he was a great Prophet for his people. I am struggling with your reference that you (and some modern cohorts) place his work at the time of Antiochus IV (175-164 B.C.), and place his prophesies as "after the fact". I know there is more than one "Daniel" in Jewish history, but this rattles my cage; and belief in Prophesy. Without Daniel I will be lost...this is huge!
Then... a second email:
I did not sleep last night. My mind kept turning things over after I reviewed the outline.
If I were to buy in to the theory that one word (Persia instead of Palestine) allowed re-engineering the entire book of Daniel it changes everything (I know there are other pieces of the puzzle still out, but this appears to be big).
By placing Daniel in the 2nd century BC it does separate chapters 1-6 and 7-12, but in a very negative way (for me). When viewed a…

Should the Christian God be called, "Mother"?

When I think about God or pray to Him, the word I use is "Father" or "Heavenly Father." The reason I do that is that Jesus used "Father" when talking about, or to, God.
However, in the two church communities with which I have relationships, First Methodist and St. Luke's Methodist, the image of God as also our mother seems to be creeping in. A couple of examples are below:
(In a prayer) "God, who is both our father and mother..."
(In a course book) "When we say that God is "creator" rather than "Father" (yes, Mother would work, too)...
Frankly, I'm bothered by this for a number of reasons, not the least of which has to do with the radical feminist movement. So, I ask you this question.
Is there a Biblical basis, especially in the New Testament, for referring to God as our Mother?
What say you?
In Christ (and still in my prayers),

Hi Byrom,
Thanks for your question.
It’s interesting to me: considering the thousa…

"The Book of Nothing" - An ironic critique of the New Atheists

This is a piece composed by my very talented brother, Stephen. I asked to publish it here. (You can listen Stephen's powerful testimony in my podcast.)

The Book of Nothing (Chapters 1-10)
1 Before Nothing existed, there existed nothing. No mind, no intelligence, no matter, no energy, no space, no time, no thing. Not even the concept of "no thing" existed, as there was nothing. But as the Prophet Lawrence Krausshath proclaimed, since “nothing” is the opposite of “something,” Nothing must be Something. And because of that, The Multiverse came into being. Praise be to Nothing! Mighty and Majestic is It.
2 Over eons, the Multiverse, the offspring of Nothing, produced it's own pointless offspring. The Multiverse accidentally begat Universe 1, Universe 2, and so on, until infinity. Indeed, many university chalkboards filled with numbers and mysterious symbols written by Great Prophets eager to avoid intelligent design have shown that so many Universes exist that we cannot begin…

"Was John the Baptist really Elijah?" -- My Response

I have been hung up the past few weeks on Matthew Chapter 11. Specifically where Jesus references John the Baptist as Elijah. At first it escaped me as being just more of a reference to John being likened to a prophet. As I read more in the commentaries and researched a bit online and YouTube it is more confusing to me.
Some argue that, no John is not Elijah and the proof is in Revelations chapter 10 or 11 (?) when they mention the two prophets. The two are supposed to be Moses and Elijah.
And others are on the side of no because of the fact that Jesus was not accepted by the Jews and therefore Elijah could not have yet returned I believe this was referencing Malachi 3:1
But there are those who argue that indeed Jesus was stating that John was Elijah as stated in Matthew 11:13-15. The argument is that one would have to believe in the events to mark the coming of Jesus and the fact of Jesus' identity.
Anyway I have now gotten over my head on this and would really like your clarity…

"Can Christians play Pokemon Go?" -- My Response

Hi, thank for your time.
There is a hot debate among Christians regarding the game Pokemon Go. Usually one of the concerns that some Christians have against this game is some of the Characters in the pokemon world. Some will say that some characters are demons or spirits based from Japanese folklore or has some connection with the occult. Others have said that every person's situation is different. Every person's heart is different. One person may be able to play a certain game with no ill effects while someone else might play the same game and become obsessed. We must each ask God for wisdom about our individual situations and what is best for us. There is no blanket rule when it comes to playing video games. Therefore perception is required here like certain movies,video games,clothing apparel,etc... Like to hear how other Christians feel about this and how you deal with these issues when there is a disagreement with other Christians? Thank you 

Thanks for the question. I’ve n…

"What's the difference between temptation and sin? And, can thoughts be sins?" -- My response

David,  In bible study this last week we were talking about anger - study in James on the tongue.  One of the ladies said she only had a problem with anger in her mind, her thoughts.  There was a discussion on "sinning" by thinking.  In the same book where it talks about temptation - let no man say when he is tempted he is tempted by God, for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone.  but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.  Then after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin when it is full grown gives birth to death.   having said this,  my thoughts were that temptation is/can be the thoughts of sin, however the actual sin is the action or behavior or the carrying out of the thought (temptation).  So I said let me encourage you - if you only thought of acting in anger but chose not to then you did not sin ( i was clearly in the minority of this view)  If thoughts are sin - what is the differenc…