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Help! "I've been worshiping a false god." A conversation with a friend.

Hi David,

My father sent me this MSG below and I don't even know how to respond. I feel like he's been this mission to disprove the God of Christianity and Jesus. I was wondering if you have heard of this and if so your thoughts on the matter.

Well I found out today that jehovah is not the creator god! I have been worshipping a false god. Gods real name is El-Elyon.His name means most high god.It was the jews who decided that jehovah or yahweh would be the real one god.jehovah is one of 77 sons born to the god EL and is there fore a demi-god or minor god.

My Response:


I'm sorry your dad is on that kind of mission. What a sad place to be.
Unfortunately, his information is almost completely inaccurate. Some of it is right, so that's good. :)
There's a lot here so I'll keep it as succinct as possible.
(1) God is never called "Jehovah" in the Bible. That word is completely made up. Why? Jews refuse to pronounce God's covenantal name, YHWH (or with vo…

How to Get Ready for Your Testimony: A Sermon on 1 Peter 3

"God said to me..."

I once worked with a woman who, several years ago, was single and dating men occasionally. She was interested in marrying one day as most people do. Another woman came up to her one day and said with such conviction: “I was having my devotional this morning and God told me that you should give up trying to marry because you’ll never get married. God wants you to stay single for the rest of your life.” How do you think the single woman felt after that?
In case you wondered, that single woman is no longer single. She’s been married for a few years now. So much for hearing the voice God during that woman’s devotional time!
I’m sure you would agree that it’s not uncommon to hear Christians say how “God spoke to them.” Have you said it before? I say it myself from time to time. Yet, if asked to defend that concept, would you explain exactly what it means? Is it really based on the Bible or a practice in the early Church? What prevents any person from saying any crazy thing and baptizing t…