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"How do I care more for people going to hell?" - A conversation with a Friend

I saw this quote post on Twitter yesterday from a "George Whitfield" twitter account:
"O that mine eyes were a fountain of tears, that I might weep over an unconverted, graceless, wicked, and adulterous generation" - George Whitfield
I have desired more, as of late, that I would see more transformed lives in Christ and that one particular brother would Jesus as his Savior.  But I am worried that I don't weep for his soul and others around the world.  I feel like I have been desensitized to sin and people being on their way to Hell.  Simply put: How can I change this by the power of the Holy Spirit?
In Christ,
Friend (of Atkinson County, Georgia)

Hi Friend,
That’s a good question. I have a couple thoughts:
(1) However hackneyed it sounds, I would ask God to give you more sensitivity and concern for those who don’t love Jesus. Ask the Spirit to give you greater awareness of those around you, and to give you the courage and wisdom to speak about Jesus whenever pos…

"How do I treat homosexual friends?" -- A conversation with a Friend

David, I am having a hard time with knowing what to do, how to act, and how to love and be tolerant of my many gay friends that I work with. In the bible, I read about being gay, and the sexual acts of it, to be wrong. But I want to show love, not hate. Several gay couples that I work with, have gotten "married". I feel that marriage is a gift from God between a man and a woman, and Christians make a covenant before God when they marry. Help me here if you can.
Here's a blog from a pastor: Read what this Christian pastor promises to do if his children are gay A Christian pastor in North Carolina has been amazed by the reaction to one of his recent blog postings, in which he wrote about what his reaction would be if any of his children grew up and told him

Hey Friend,
I skimmed that article. I concur with most of it (not most of what he said about various biblical texts, which he completely misunderstood).
This question is just like asking, “How do I tre…

What is the precise role of a parent? Some quick thoughts...

Parenting is an incredible, awesome, and daunting task. We are responsible for the well-being and maturation of another human person. From a Christian worldview, here are a few reflections on the role of a healthy, Christian parent.
First, parenting is supposed to be a part-time job. That’s it. So many parents get this messed up. As your child matures, parents are supposed to diminish the degree to which they “parent” the child. It’s inversely related. As children grow up, they should take on more and more responsibility because their parents are giving away more and more responsibility. When parents do not give away more responsibility as the child matures, then parents could have “grown-up children” living with them for years.
Second, parenting is supposed to involve providing the necessary resources for your child’s flourishing, while limiting what hurts their growth. We provide food, shelter, love, etc. for those we parent. To be clear, the resources we provide are supposed to ada…