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Can Christians Fight Back?

What do we do when we make people angry?

Video for lesson below on Beatitudes

From my curriculum written for my church: Congratulations!

February 9                      Matthew 5:2-12             Congratulations!
Literary Context
In the first four chapters of Matthew, Jesus’s identity as “Son of God” is established. His royal pedigree (genealogy), divine office (baptism and temptations), and authority over evil and sickness is emphasized. Matthew then shifts the focus to Jesus’s authority as teacher of God’s will and righteousness. Matthew 5-7 (and Lk 6), often called the “Sermon on the Mount” (SOM),[1] offers a well-crafted, composite collection of lessons concerning what a citizen of the Kingdom of God should be, and how a citizen should behave.
Interpretative Issues
Congratulations to. . .(3-11).Other viable translations for “blessed are” would include, “congratulations to!” or “happy are!” With rare exception, when a blessing is attributed to someone in the OT, it is concerning God’s blessing in this life because one trusts and obeys God. During the time immediately before Jesus, Jews began emphasizing the blessings …