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Should the Christian God be called, "Mother"?

When I think about God or pray to Him, the word I use is "Father" or "Heavenly Father." The reason I do that is that Jesus used "Father" when talking about, or to, God.
However, in the two church communities with which I have relationships, First Methodist and St. Luke's Methodist, the image of God as also our mother seems to be creeping in. A couple of examples are below:
(In a prayer) "God, who is both our father and mother..."
(In a course book) "When we say that God is "creator" rather than "Father" (yes, Mother would work, too)...
Frankly, I'm bothered by this for a number of reasons, not the least of which has to do with the radical feminist movement. So, I ask you this question.
Is there a Biblical basis, especially in the New Testament, for referring to God as our Mother?
What say you?
In Christ (and still in my prayers),

Hi Byrom,
Thanks for your question.
It’s interesting to me: considering the thousa…