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"Can Christians do yoga?" A question and response

Hello Dr. Pendergrass, I am Christian and I love yoga and helps me with stress. I have seen many critiques of yoga by Christian websites and magazines. If my focus is on God when I do it, I don't see the problem. I am wondering why yoga condemned by some Christians who don't do it? Trying to figure out what to do since I find good stress relief from its practice.
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That's a good question.
Yoga is truly a religious ritual. It's roots and meaning derive from the areas around the Indus River Valley. Here's more information: Yoga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Yoga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yoga (/ˈjoʊɡə/; Sanskrit: योग, Listen) is an Indian physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline. There is a broad variety of schools, practices and goals... View on Preview by Yahoo I used to teach it in my World Religions classes.
However, I fully understand that a person can perform the movements without smuggling all…

19 Kids and Counting and Pedophilia in a Christian worldview

There is a show on TLC called “19Kids and Counting” which follows the life of a large family based in Arkansas. My wife loves the show. The show’s been on for ten seasons, but now it’s being suspended.
One of their sons, many years ago while a teenager, molested five girls: some his sisters, some their friends. This tragic news is a hot topic these days.
Because of this popular news, pieces have been written to speak about pedophilia (= when an adult or older adolescent maintains a sexual attraction toward prepubescent children). Though, of course, I have no idea if their son has that condition or not. Based on the interviews I've heard, it seems he does not. Several studies demonstrate that it is not uncommon for early teens, especially around the age of fourteen (the age Josh was), to experiment sexually with younger siblings and friends. Studies demonstrate that 95%+ of them never do it again.
Sexual behavior has long been a hot topic not only in various cultures, but among cl…

"Do Babies Demonstrate Sinfulness? ...And what about Calvinism?" A conversation with a friend

Hey David!
So after our conversation I've been reading and thinking, go figure. So you don't believe in human depravity?
I have always been under the impression that we are not good at the core. Experience has seem to show me that too. Also if my first thoughts were broadcasted out loud I would be quite ashamed.
What do you make of this video?
I'm really trying to look at this thing clearly. :)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Hi Friend,
This video is confused on several levels.
1.       It assumes morality throughout; it doesn’t demonstrate origins. For example, it labels “being nice” as moral. That assumes a Moral Law. In no way does the experiment of a child picking a toy suggest that the kid understands or is attempting to be moral. We simply have no idea if a child understands morality based on observation. It is the same with the higher primates. We can only observe; we cannot know if they perceive of the Moral Law. The only possible way…