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Is God the Source of Evil? - A question from a friend

My friend asks:
“The latest probe from a friend...did God create evil? If He created humans with the ability to sin, than He created sin. We're all born with tendencies to what we will do/ become. While I use the Bible as my standard of truth, this non believer relies on 'intellect' and the brain God has given us. Feedback appreciated.”

Hey Friend,
Sorry for the delay. Good question.
Ever since the great theologian, Augustine, the Church, by-in-large, has adopted his view of evil. Augustine said that evil is not a “thing” at all because everything God created is good. Since evil isn’t good, it can’t really exist. Therefore, evil is the absence of good -- like a shadow is the absence of light or cold is the absence of heat. If someone asked you the status of a shadow’s existence, the average person (and certainly any philosopher) would say, “It doesn’t really exist. It’s just what happens when light is blocked.”
Evil is what happens when good is perverted. Evil is the abse…

All Christians and Muslims should watch this.

A conversation about mercy and forgiveness

Bob Hey pastor i have a question... What's the different between forgiveness and grace?
David W. Pendergrass They are related concepts and often could be synonyms in the Bible. Yet, there is typically a difference in understanding:
(1) forgiveness means something like, "not enacting punishment toward." So, when someone has done something wrong deserving punishment, "forgiveness" is not enacting punishment. The Hebrew way of saying that is metaphorical - it's like owing a great financial "debt" and not having to pay the debt any more.
(2) grace means something like, "an act or state of kindness." It can be an act of "grace" to be "forgiving."

I might say that grace is more broad, while forgiveness is more specific. Grace can refer to any act of kindness or charity, while forgiveness is focused on not punishing someone who deserves it.
Now, I have ALWAYS heard teachers/preachers make a (false) distinction between &quo…

A short reflection by my daughter

Take the time to listen to my daughter's devotional on "peace be still." (Julia takes the camera around and films on her own. This is a recent autonomous reflection.)

Click Here to watch "When it Rains"