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Was Jesus omniscient? What does it matter?

Hey David!! I really enjoyed reading your response to the question about the validity of the Flood narrative (foundhere)!! I thought it was a great response! You mentioned that Jesus made an "error" when He claimed that the mustard seed was the smallest of all seeds. I'm assuming you don't believe in biblical inerrancy, which is totally fine, but do you think this ( a reasonable, compelling response to the mustard seed "error"? Thanks David!!

Yeah…I’ve heard that explanation before. :)
It seems we have a two options: 1) Jesus was ignorant of (at least) botanical information of all the earth’s seeds and plants, or 2) Jesus did have complete botanical knowledge and chose to say the wrong thing.
It just seems like option #1 is the most probable. He says that the seed is the smallest “upon the earth,” not “in Israel” or “in Palestine” or “in this region of the earth.”
If He chose to say the wrong thing so tha…

Do I have to prove that the flood happened?

I have another question for you and it is a theological one. What are your thoughts on the Validity of the story of the ark? I have a hard time taking it in a total literal sense given that it was recorded so long ago. I'm a believer that has struggled with doubt many times in my life as I know you have from listening to your podcasts. Part of me says it doesn't matter but when I get into debates with people of "science" it gets a little difficult. My theory is that in the time of the event they said the entire earth was flooded but If they didn't have an accurate knowledge of how big the entire earth was. How do you deal with the debate on this subject? I do believe the bible is Gods word. And from my experience when you start doubting some people get really offended by your doubt. Any answers on that would help. 
Thanks,  Friend

Hey brother,
That’s a good question. I do think some type of major flooding occurred since a flood narrative appears in a few ancient s…