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"If Daniel 7-12 isn't genuine prophecy, then why trust the Bible?" -- My response to a Friend

I have long thought that the greatest prayer written in the Bible was Daniel's prayer for his people. I have also held that he was a great Prophet for his people. I am struggling with your reference that you (and some modern cohorts) place his work at the time of Antiochus IV (175-164 B.C.), and place his prophesies as "after the fact". I know there is more than one "Daniel" in Jewish history, but this rattles my cage; and belief in Prophesy. Without Daniel I will be lost...this is huge!
Then... a second email:
I did not sleep last night. My mind kept turning things over after I reviewed the outline.
If I were to buy in to the theory that one word (Persia instead of Palestine) allowed re-engineering the entire book of Daniel it changes everything (I know there are other pieces of the puzzle still out, but this appears to be big).
By placing Daniel in the 2nd century BC it does separate chapters 1-6 and 7-12, but in a very negative way (for me). When viewed a…