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A question from a friend about how to "convince" a co-worker

Hi! David,
I have tried to convince a friend back to church. What do you think about his arguments?  Any thoughts?
God Bless,
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have no double about the existing of God. I truly believe there is God, the mighty power world creator. I just do not agree with the bible said because there is no logic. There is no point to argue if somebody who only believe the bible is true and right, just like politic. I truly believe that God does not want everybody to be honest and good. Otherwise he will not give freewill to people to choose to be bad. He needs positive and negative to reflect right and wrong. Otherwise the life of human being will be too boring. For thousand years, some people were trying to convert bad people to become good, and failed. So it really doesn't matter, after 100 years all people within the …

I think I'm losing my faith.