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Do Not Be Anxious . . . Really?

Below is a lesson from curriculum I have written. If you're interested in getting this curriculum for your small group or church, let me know.
Do Not Be Anxious . . . Really?Philippians 4:6-7

Literary Context
Philippians is one of Paul’s most joyful letters. He considers the church at Philippi, “dear friends whom I long to see, my joy and crown, ...” (Phi 4:1). They had sent financial aid via Epaphroditus (1:3-8; 2:25-30; 4:10-20). Paul gives them updates of his present and future ministry (1:19-26; 2:19-24; 4:10-13) and encourages the Philippians to continue to live out their Christianity (e.g., 1:27-30), especially by emulating certain models (2:5-11, 19-30; 3:7-14; 4:9), while emphasizing the need to stay away from false teaching (3:2, 18-19). The final chapter of this letter encourages unity and proper Christian thinking.
Interpretative Issues
Do not be [overly] concerned about anything[1] (6) The Greek word used here simply means “to care for” or “be concerned about.” This can be…

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